My head hurts

Imagine Dragons Wrecked

They say that the time will heal it, the pain will go away
But everything, it reminds me of you and it comes in waves
The way you laugh when your shoulders shook, the time you took
To teach me all that you had taught
Tell me, how am I supposed to move on?

By Bexs Jamieson

Life has tested me im in so many ways in the last month, i had to find every bit of last energy to get me over the line. Ending a toxic relationship and having to come to terms that his behaviour is not ok and how much he pleads that things be different, my heart tells me it only last a few months then he be back to how he was, my mind has been opened and i didnt relize how much abuse i had actually gone through, some of me just settled as been chronically ill has its challanges when it comes to dating. So stay posted there will be a e book coming on on this subject and also looking into my own abuse and hoping my story will help someone. 

“Surrender to what is

let go of what was

have faith in what will be”

The only way to describe the way im been feeling is over whelmed, locked in a cage and cant get out, stuck. My health has been terrible i been battling an infection so lots of medications and the stress has put my body into a flare, Im ensuring im practising self care, going to the gym and eating right. And slowly getting back into studies, website and on that not i now have sucessfully passed two papers towards my certificate in Life Coaching. I miss my best friend so much he always knew what to say and help me through the tough times i wish he was still here sadley its been over year since he passed. 
Im at a cross road in my life i can go left, right or straight and at the moment im figuring out which direction is best for me, i know one thing im not going back. Today i open a new book with a fresh page to start filling in, So far written is i finished my website, cooked my son and my self a sunday breakie,done some house work and done my first blog, meeting a friend for coffee.





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