“My journey of self discovery”

When I left my last relationship, it was very different and difficult, dark time of my life. I lost my voice, identity, my confidence I was wrecked to be fair. Having to make decisions that would change how I look at life and more so I didn’t want to continue the same patterns as before.

The key word for me was self discovery and what did this look like for me and how do I put it into my own life.

First step was me addressing the issues and things I really needed to work on and that came down to taking a hard look in the mirror and taking some accountability. Years of childhood trauma and living in disfunction was all I knew.

The journey

This journey was not only about self discovery, this was also my journey to heal.

You hear these words, self love, self aware, self care what did all these words mean and was going to be struggle to put these in practice.

You are invincible
  • Tackling old habits to create healthy habits.
  • Live my life less chaotic and more simple and less busy
  • Re looking at what a relationship should look like and how I should be treated.
  • Learning new skills.
  • New life vision and plan.
  • Putting boundaries in place.
  • Creating my identity, building confidence.
  • Learn my voice
  • Seek help, having support to help you through the tough days

All these things have been part of my journey, some days are messy, some days are harder than others

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy because it’s not easy, but the rewards out way all the bumps, challenges that you face in your own journey of self discovery.

These are some of my proudest moments in my own journey of self discovery.

  • Completed a women’s against domestic violence safety program.
  • Completed self worth course and learnt my true worth.
  • Completed two years of counseling.
  • Reconnected with family.
  • Moved back home to the bay.
  • Built relationship with my grandson.
  • Got me a wee house and set up some roots and grounded my self.
  • Started yoga and practice daily.
  • Working on building my life coaching.
  • Working as support worker and had many cool experiences.
  • Filing a charge against my ex for the assault on me.
  • Got me a cat to keep me company.
  • Got amazing tool kit packed with resources, lessons to help me through anything.
  • Met some amazing people.

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