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What is the Healthstyle Emporium? So, I thought I'd explain a little bit about the beautiful program I am now part of 😊 Its basiclly an online holistic wellness portal that is designed to help nourish your mind, body and soul in the comfort of your own home. Its also a safe space where we can share, learn, grow and cheer each other on. There's something for everyone whether you want to focus on mindset, body movement, try new recipes, or you just want to learn how to incorporate self care into your daily life and around your schedule. My favourite part is the mindset and spirituality as this is such a big part of my life and having acess to things like meditation, self love challanges and much more.

If you have a health goal around mindset, self belief, confidence, mental health or self care send me message and lets go from there.

Whole food Product 

Are you ready to take your health to the next level?

My Health is quite frankly wrecked i live with chronic pain and mutiple illnessss and my biggest issue is ensuring im getting enough nutrients in my diet, Im week 6  on taking these amazing wee gems not only am i looking after my inside and ensuring its nice and healthy i have the wellness and holistic health program where Im constantly learning about gut health, skin health, our emotions & how it all ties in together, stress, hormones + so much more! .. my health, skin, digestion and energy have been taken to a whole new level. 

So here’s a little run down explaining why I love these so much:

They are simply non GMO fruits and veggies at the peak of ripeness, blended up whole, the water carefully dehydrated out & the goodness left (all the phytonutrients), put in a vegan capsule so it doesn’t oxidise 🍏🥕🍋🥬🍇🍓🍎

We need an abundance of nutrients, minerals, vitamins from a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables. I already eat a tonne of F+V, but I LOVE knowing I am giving my body an incredible amount every single day.

We all know fruits + veggies are vital, important, necessary + provide so many nutrients, antioxidants etc, and apparently we should be consuming the goodness from at LEAST 30 different plants a week. I also know I am missing out on SO MUCH nutrition peeling & cutting the skins off some foods ~ a literal treasure trove of goodness that we throw away!

These contain the nutrients from the whole food ~ including the peels, skins, cores of 30 fruits, veggies + berries.

When it comes to my health, I am a bit of a science nerd + love that these are the most researched nutraceutical ~ it is one of a kind ~ in the world. The research has clinically proven these support our immune system, reduce the severity of colds, help protect DNA, improve blood flow to the skin & contribute to cardiovascular wellness.

I do not take these to replace a healthy diet, that comes first & foremost, they are simply to enhance the nutrition we can get every day in our precious bods. Our soils are not as nutrient dense as they once were and like I mentioned, we are missing out on so much when we peel the skins & remove the cores & peels. Plus let’s be honest - who actually gets in their 5 and 2 EVERY single day?!

Get in touch if you have any other questions about them or if you feel your body would benefit from some extra 30+ varieties of plants every day & you too would love to add these to your daily health routine 🌈 (also your kids can get these or a gummy version for free 😘 ) + get FREE access + @thehseofficial holistic health program

Thank you for your message. We will contact you back shortly - sit back and enjoy!



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