New beginnings

Unfortunately my charger for my laptop went south so I had to buy new one,so the ole website been a bit neglected, working off phone has been challenging.

I have had the toughest week and sadley when things go to crap my body does not take to it kindly, every bit of me hurts and it’s around 9, finally had my first proper meal and God it was good, we are settling into our new place and starting to feel like home.

This week has taught me a few things.

  • Finding the positive in a shitty situation
  • Having a powerful mind can get you thru the worst day.
  • Appreciate the people who come to you in a time of need and not once ask for anything
  • That any form of abuse is not ok and how powerful it can effect your life
  • Looking after your mental health is top priority
  • Been grateful for things that come to you

No matter what life is throwing at you, never give up, and take my advice, try find the positive and reach out for help don’t be ashamed.

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