Courses and Challanges

Nirvana’s Courses and Challanages

7 Day Introductory-Just as taster, Create a Client Profile and take on 7 day challange, with a wee Snippet of Creating a plan.

16 Day Wellness-Create a Client profile, Create a plan, Looking at exercise,stress,nutrition and take on a Wellness challange

16 Day Mental Health-Create a Client profile, Create a plan, Looking at creating healthy habits to improve your Mental health, take on Mental health challange

16 Day Self Care-Create a Client Profile,Create a plan, All about looking after you and take on the Self care challange

30 Day Challange-Create a Client Profile,Create a Plan and look at hobbies,intrests and things you like to do and most of step out of your comfort zone, Ill create you a 30 day challange.

21 Day Gratitude Challange-Create a client profile, learn about gratitude and create a gratitude and create a gratitude journal and this a great to reflect and refocus and appreciate.

21 Day Creative Challange-Create a Client Profile, This about having fun and bringing out your creative flair, make a vision board, start a hobby, make a photo book, start a puzzle etc.

My Teaching is done Virtually unless your local, all you need is the following:

  • Computer/Tablet/Phone
  • Email
  • Messenger
  • Video call option
  • 100% dedication and time
  • Open communication and honesty

All courses are tailored to you and what you want to acheive, i made challanges i found this a good way to stay motivated, Im quite flexiable and can create food plans and if this something that not listed and its something your intrested in please let me know ill see what i can do.

I will be checking in with you via email and messenger and asking for you to take photos of the things you are doing and sending them to me as this gets added to your folder.

Prices have not been confirmed but i will be keeping the prices at reasonble rate and adding packages to suit.

“On Completion of Your Course or Challange you will recieve a Certificate and a Personalised folder”