This is my Story

This is my story

I never thought i would wake up one day and never get better,and my life was about to change, the life i knew was gone and i was givin a new one. Im  bexs Im a Mum two Girls who are all grown up now and a beautiful grandson and my son whos still at home. This is my story i have been living with Chronic pain and Illness, in the last four years has been my biggest battle by far the most challanging and i have questioned everything. On the flip side i have rediscovered me and began my transformation. At one stage i was just pushing through the pain the fatigued to ensure my children were looked after, holding down a job, juggling a career, i learnt that was only making things worst for me. No energy to be a mum and missing out on time with them, relationship bust ups, stress of work and study.Then it happen one day shit went boom and i was facing a complete breakdown spent many days in bed and was in a dark place, the more i went to the dr i was left deflated, angryand i was not that important, life became pretty lonley, more medications, more diagnosis, friends and family faded. I had to get my shit together it was like a lightbulb moment i needed to look after me im no good to anyone dead.This is where my self discovery started and a new motivation I had to take charge and say to my self i will not let this define who i am” years of hospitality and gaining my qualfications it was time to come relization i had to make a career change which lead me into health care as a support worker looking after people with disabilties and mental health i loved it it taught me gratitude and appreciation and compassion. Creating a blog was my way of sharing my story and raising awarness and educating people. I have joined the gym and created better eating habits and most of i have days to go on adventures and spend with my family. “I want you to live your best life and unlock your potential and rediscover you”

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