One year down

One year ago I started this journey, took the advice and after long arguments with my body I stopped working, support work is what I love doing so I was feeling a bit flat, I had so much in my head I had to get out.

This started as blog the devil inside it was like my way of helping my mental health it was a way I could raise awareness and educate people along the way, I didn’t even realize how much was in my head and I had opened another door one i could help people through my blog, I pondered my thoughts and signed up to do life coaching certificate and now it’s time to revamp and create my life coaching career with my unique touch, experiences and struggles

Nirvana Life Coaching was created with its own vision and mission something I’m so passionate about. I have created a Facebook page and growing that day by day, I had so many people message, comment, join nirvana life coaching community, a place where you can start your own journey and tell your story.

Still going strong

Nirvana Life coaching has created learn with Nirvana Life coaching this a place where you will find all online courses that are available, 7 day introductory-Self discovery is available and a wellness and mindset course in construction. The first short story is available as ebook the devil inside is my own personal story living with illness. Also created a magazine this will continue once I have all the courses done.

Behind the scenes Im personally been going through my own journey and I had one hell of year that’s tested me in so many ways,I’m home now in the beautiful Bay of Plenty enjoying the beach been so close,yoga and gym every week and been around my moko and daughter, reconnecting been surreal feeling.

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