One year on

Can not believe how much my life changed in a year. A year ago was the monster he emerged with black eyes and full of anger, I will not forget the day I was pushed into a wall and no way of getting away from the monster and feeling the fist connect with my face not once but twice, I honestly thought I was done I had no more strength in me, officially broken.

My son heard everything and was my life saver, ringing the police as much as was scared of what was about to come. I’ll never forget the words he spoke “you made me do this, it was just slap, forgive me”

The police arrived and had the conversation that I needed to get out and move on from this and actually get some much needed help and had to come to realization that is not ok behavior and I’m over been treated like this.

I started my healing journey and a journey of hard truths, been under counseling and having triggers and learning about battered women syndrome, PTSD and knowing I had to learn to love me and learn what relationship should look like.

A year on my relationship with my son is broken and non existent, as I decided to leave Masterson, bouncing from houses was not ok, little support and the constant triggers and the pull he would continue to have. Moving back home to the bay has been amazing unfortunately my son has hated the move and with out realizing actually how much the last four years effected him, the constant abuse he gives me and way he manipulates it’s like living with my ex all over again and become toxic and I had make the decision to remove my self till her accepts his faults and takes accountability for his actions he heading down crappy path.

My life has changed and I’ll continue to go through the emotions, every day I’m building my confidence,more dertimination to raise awareness and educate people along the way. Just remember you don’t need to be hit for it to be domestic violence.

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