Self Discovery-7 day introductory


Self Discovery is beautiful journey to understanding your self as a person, your values, beliefs and what makes you happy.

  • Features in the self Discovery course:
  • Self Reflection
  • Self Discovery
  • Improving your relationship with your self
  • Journal Writing

The course is interactive and fun and simple to follow and has a challange for to do daily can you complete in seven days, all you need is motivation, an open mind and internet. Allocate an hour a day and as your life coach im here to give you support and guidence on your start to self discovery.


The First course and the smallest course that Nirvana Life Coaching has to offer there are many courses to come. You might be a little unsure and need some help to guide you on your own self discovery journey. This is introductory course this will give you idea on how my courses work and nice and short so what can you acheive in 7 days.

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