Protecting my peace, energy and looking after me has never really been my thing nor did I think it was important. I was always caught up in someone’s drama, ensured I was always busy so I didn’t need to deal with things, always trying to help and please people.

The journey I’m on and this healing process has taught me three important things.

  • I don’t need to be busy and doing nothing is healthy and needed.
  • Learning the word no and saying no.
  • Not been involved in others drama and saying I’m protecting me for a change.

I have had alot of trauma and things I’m working on and having a quite life and one that is fill of people that actually understand and support me through my journey. People can leave at any time and that is ok, because this about me and what I need in my life.

“My peace is my priority
“Beautiful Wednesday morning”

If your in a place of healing or wanting your own peace, remember it’s ok to say no and it’s ok to look after you, you have one life make it count

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