Reflections Part one

I go back long long time ago there was no indication that later on life I would be faced with having a constant battle with my body.When you were growing up you think of how your life would look, what career you would have, would I have kids or be married.I know I wanted to be child care worker then suddenly I had my first child at 19 and safe to say been a child care worker was last thing I wanted to do, been mum was hard enough…..Had my second child pretty quickly, that’s when I found out the bleeding,pain,mood changes the list is endless were contributed by endometriosis, what the hell is that I’m thinking…Sure my childhood was crazy,my mother was not a role model i had lots of dads so I took on life and was figuring things out for myself. I had some shitty relationships basically raised my daughter’s on my own, had them taken off me after abusive relationship with constant cheating from their dad and having to wake up every day to be torn apart from a man that was suppose to love me to a body that i had very little control over was the hardest thing I had to face, single again,fighting everybody and a system to get my girls home.

It took a dark turn when I decided to end the pain, I remember playing creed “what’s this life for” to waking up in hospital, then to know your pregnant it all just snapped like a light bulb moment, my son was my reason to keep fighting and my drive to do things differently be a better mum,get a career and make a fresh start.

The devil started growing inside and it was only the beginning….

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