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Every now then I get reminder and good talking to and it always leads me to reflecting, frustration, over it, angry and just dam right annoyed.

I’m reminded to slow down I’m chronically ill and my body just can’t do what it use to and it’s a clear reminder of how my body works and that everything I do will set my body off and give me shitty days as my fatigue levels drop or I have a crash and then I have no choice to rest or I get sick, pain levels heighten.

I’m also reminded that this head crap I’m dealing with it was caused by someone else and the injury has just messed up my life and givin me more limitations.

I’m also reminded that no matter hard shit gets that I some how find a postitive and the strength to get through another day, I got this.

I’m also reminded to appreciate life and the simple things because life can change so quickly one minute your healthy and cruising life then the next minute your sick, injured, illness, disease and the life you knew has gone.

I’m also reminded that through my own struggles and experiences I have created Nirvana life coaching a place a community of people of all walks of life can find some inspiration, be educated, a place to raise awareness and help others live there best life.

I’m also reminded that life can be lonely friendships are bit harder, social life becomes non existent, family don’t quite understand and you got to get use to your own company pretty fast and it’s ok to mourn your old life.

I’m also reminded to never let my illness or injury define me as a person and take away my sense of humor, bubbly personality and never allow myself to be bitter. My hair always has colour in it brighten up my day through the dark days and it’s ok to be little quirky and weird.

Crazy blue hair 💙

I leave you with this thought and I just want you to think, feel free to share your answer or thoughts, I love to hear them.

If you were you to wake up tomorrow and you become sick and it’s the type of sick that will change your life, the way you see life, the things you do in life it will literally make you stop and rethink life. Right now in your life answer these questions ?

  • Have I achieved my life goals ?
  • Are you happy with your life ?
  • Are you happy with your career ?
  • Your current relationship are you happy ?
  • Could you improve in areas of life ?
  • Have you got a dream, goal or something you want to do in life ?

Don’t wait till it’s to late, not saying you cant have a great life been sick etc I know first hand it comes with limitations and can change your life.



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