Self Worth

Self worth is so important its about seeing yourself as valued and someone who matters. Self worth contributes to better relationships, your career, work, health and your emotional well being.

“I am the measurer of my worth, And i say i am worthy”

Recongnising how unique and special you are as a person is the first step then you continue to build your self worth. Having a strong self worth helps in different areas of your life, believing that you are worth of good things that has flow on effect with healthy relationships and asking more of what you want in life.

Augustine Quote

People go all around the world to see all these amazing things but they dont look at themselves. We are all uniquie – we’ve never been made before. It may be a bit of a paradigim shift to think of ourselves like this. Just sitting here as human being, how amazing we are with all our functions of our human body.

We are incredible masterpeice

Think of you carrying a bag and its filled with lots of postitive things to help and grow your self worth, everyday you add to your bag:

  • Self care doing- doing things for you, things that make you happy and you enjoy
  • Find a purpose in your life
  • Seeing others differently
  • love and celebrate yourself
  • Becoming self aware
  • Putting boundaries in your life
  • Appreciate what you have
  • Find ways to learn that allow growth within your self
  • Been more grateful

Life can get crazy and things happen and sometimes we start doubting our selves and put barriers up that stop us from doing amazing things for our selves.

  • Time – there never enough time
  • Balance – Work and life and balancing it
  • Selfish – You feel bad for going and having that coffee
  • Self sabbotage –  Negative feelings and talk
  • Lack of motivation
  • Overthinking

Its important to look after you and do things you enjoy this will help your overall wellbeing. Have a moment to think about things that you enjoy and things that look after you as a whole.

My feel good things and looking after me is making sure it take my medications, i rest when i can , daily yoga, been at the beach is great for clarity and reflecting, been with my family and music.

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