Smashing new goals

New start,new friends and my own wee motivating community. I been on journey of learning more about my body and how moving it can have so many benefits, so I have excepted the fact that this is it for me, I can’t click my finger and poof they magically disappear or some miracle I was healed. Nope a big fat nope so yeap my body loves to hate me, so I got work with it and sometimes I need to show it who is boss.

I have been going to the gym since February and it’s been one hell of ride,and days where I want to give up and some days are god dam hard. The benefits out way the struggles and just motivates me more to keep going. After journey of been in the water and just been able to move freely and slowly build my strength and confidence. I’m ready for the next phase I’m officially have a trainer and in a new gym and now it’s about weight and strength and smashing out my next goals.

My message to you…don’t be afraid and do your own research on the benefits of exercise, or joining a gym. Start small and make small goals and start smashing your goals.

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