Stand up and Unite

Turn your blinkers off people and wake up… Here in New Zealand we have mandates in place which has costed so many people’s jobs, careers been stopped, can’t have a hair cut, can’t go to the gym or go and see your grandparents who live in a rest home, attend a funeral or the people who enjoy going to the gym improve their mental health the list is long but the catch is you have a vaccine you can do all the above.

This how we live and vaccine passes

This has affected my ability to stay working as a support worker as I’m not vaxx I now no longer can work, I can not go to gym and that is vital for my managing my illness, mental health, self care is so important and the things I use to enjoy I no longer can do, even a simple hair cut. One thing it has taught me to enjoy the wide open space and how many people are pro choice and created new ways to operate, how important keeping family and friends close, and the power of people.

I live with multiple illness and on alot of medication and my immune system unpredictable so I chose not to be vaxx for this reason as for my children as they older I didn’t want to put my views on how I felt about the vaxx as they older two have had it and they both have said it would effect my ability to study and work and for my son attending his school activities and finding work to me this is wrong why should they have to feel this way and be forced to have a vaxx just be able to maintain their things that are important to them.

We have had men and women part of past wars, these people gave up their lives so we as people and future generations could have freedom and rights. Here in New Zealand we have the Bill of Rights and Human rights Act along with many others.

Around the world the stop mandates started Canada and Australia stood proud and are fighting for the end of mandates New Zealand and many other countries are following the peaceful protests and building in numbers the photos, videos and people’s stories are powerful and show so much love in different ways.

Here in New Zealand we are a small country but the power of people makes up for we have people from all locations showing support in some way and sending donations in many different ways. The Aroha is strong and we as the people want our lives back with out been forced to have a vaccine there are many reasons for people on why they don’t want we need to respect their decisions and continue our lives, we should not be forced or divided into a different class of people,our children shouldn’t be forced to wear masks and the government should be ashamed of them selves we understand we have COVID and we are aware we need to be careful. In the last few days the government of New Zealand has turned sprinklers on the grounds of parliament to flood them out,turned the music on so the people had to listen to that continuosly and not to forget the police intice the crowd and brutally attacked innocent people and children not to forget the elderly, shame on you. The power of the people over come these challenges and came up with creative ideas to keep going. These people are peaceful they are workers,relatives and friends coming together to stop the mandates.

This is New Zealand right now and I never thought I would see this let alone my children. It’s time for the government to listen to the people and people to take their blinkers off and stand up and unite as one.

Beautiful vibes and amazing people

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