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  • Cruel realization..

    Cruel realization..

    I was the little girl that was never wanted, sharing my story.

  • Help I have teenager !!!!

    Help I have teenager !!!!

    My week started with a complete crash and boom and the week had not even started…. Rewind back to Sunday my son is 14 has attitude to boot thinks I’m some bloody millionaire and has no idea how quickly I get tired and sadley I can’t do everything he wants to do. We watched the […]

  • What Kermit the Frog would say about a Bad Day!!

    What Kermit the Frog would say about a Bad Day!!

    Hi ho kermit the frog here………… Now i have your attention and the help of kermit the frog lets talk My bad day adventures… The head feels likes in a blender and its some shit head is pressing the pulse button. The toliet needs to be close in case of a sudden explosion I droped […]

  • The nightmare I’m traped in

    The nightmare I’m traped in

    My advice to you is to find that spark and follow your dreams and your heart life is so short no matter how hard the journey may be I had a doctors appointment and its super annoying when your in the hard basket, so four years ago my love hate relationship started with the doctors […]

  • Saturday morning on the farm

  • Changes are happening

    I have got into this crazy blog world and learning alot about blogs and writing, so dumb me decided to revamp my blog and I didn’t realize how much it would test my patience, so I had the swearing tantrum, what was I thinking tantrum, bear with me stay posted and I hope for the […]