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  • Cruel realization..

    Cruel realization..

    I was the little girl that was never wanted, sharing my story.

  • “Learning is amazing”

    “Learning is amazing”

    learning to accept and heal in my journey.

  • “Emotions”


    Reflecting and allowing the emotions to flow as look back on the last six months.

  • Session one-understanding domestic violence

    Session one-understanding domestic violence

    Took the first step, 12 week programme with living with out violence, today’s lesson understand domestic violence.

  • “I can feel the change”

    “I can feel the change”

    Reflecting on Friday night, the calm feeling I feel and how life is very different now.

  • Dear son

    Dear son

    An open letter for my son, my personal struggles with my son and it’s just not ok anymore.

  • One year on

    One year on

    Can not believe how much my life changed in a year. A year ago was the monster he emerged with black eyes and full of anger, I will not forget the day I was pushed into a wall and no way of getting away from the monster and feeling the fist connect with my face […]

  • Bad Day/Bad life

    Bad Day/Bad life

    Sharing the love of music with a powerful message.

  • Innocence was taken

    Innocence was taken

    The last week has come with its highs and lows and plenty of questions and can’t forget reality check and things that have left me and the mind boggled. My life has never been easy, nor have I had normal and to me normal is mum/dad live in the same house etc. I was born […]

  • 2021 reflection

    2021 reflection

    Wind up reflection for the year as my head is in crazy space and writing always helps, when I started this website at the start of year it was just a way for me cope with my life struggles,living with chronic pain and a place where I could vent in some odd way to help […]

  • Forgive yourself

    Forgive yourself

    Reflection…. Yesterday I was faced with my past and had to relive things that I I’d rather not, but it’s all about the healing and forgiving myself. I’m hurt and still have some anger, I still get annoyed that he is able to walk around with not a care in the world and I’m left […]

  • Healing begins

    Healing begins

    Battered women syndrome, it’s real and I survived.

  • Wandering thoughts

    Wandering thoughts

    It’s Sunday here in New Zealand, pretty much dinner time. As the day is coming to a end, I’m doing my weekly reflection something I just started and putting your self in a quite area, I have always music going it takes me to place of calm, I never focus on the bad more of […]

  • Chapter one

    Chapter one

    Chapter one to a new begining

  • Staying Positive

    Staying Positive

    Super sick at the moment, second sinus infection, start of rsv infection, reason I’m so quite lately, I’ll be back already started my first ebook that’s rather exciting. I have carried so much for so long and finally getting the much needed help, and to start healing from the past and moving forward one day […]