The Art of Mindfulness

Bexs Jamieson
Feb 24-2022 6 min read

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.” – Nicole Reed

The topic im focusing on is mindfulness, The story goes something like this a buddah was sitting under a fig tree to help with his tormented soul and this dates back to 2500 years ago.

With Covid and so much unsettle in the world today our lives have changed and the way we work and do simple tasks also has changed so we may be more busier, feeling isolated, restricted in what you can do, seperation from friends and families all this takes a toll on our mental health and we get lost amongst the crazy.

Mindfulness is so important its a way to feel settled, less stressed and allow your self to rediscover you.

“When you move your focus from competition to contribution life becomes a celebration. Never try to defeat people, just win their hearts.”

How do you bring mindfulness into your life, each day ill add to your tool box with simple techniques to start your journey to towards mindfulness. Starting your day right and ending your day right is so important so lets start creating better habits and routines.

Daily task

Every morning try to embrace the new day, and give waking up early ago give your self at least hour, do this slowly other wise you might be grumpy or just not do it at all. Start by setting your alarm 10 minutes early and slowly increasing it. The benefits are your not feeling rushed in the morning, can enjoy breakfast or your morning coffee, organise your day better, not stuck in traffic the list is endless.

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