“The burnout”

Burn out, exhaustion, over whelmed, tired, pain, triggers, emotions are just some of the words that explain my crazy life and how I’m feeling.

I feel like Alice in wonderland falling in hole, spinning,falling, no control and not sure what’s coming.

  • Every part of my body hurts.
  • My eyes are heavy and sore.
  • My mind is scrambled.
  • The triggers are firing off.
  • Drowing in emotions.
  • The over whelmed feels suffocating.
  • My words get lost and scrambled.
  • Been so tired it’s become robot mode

Landing from falling in the hole, your in a different world, everything is scary and as you walk along the path your more and more confused and it feels like there is no way out of this upside down, confusing world.

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