The dating world

Im telling you right now the dating world is a crazy place and you meet some interesting characters.

Your looking for a particular type one that just can’t get enough of you, one that puts the effort it and makes you feel special. Ummmm I’m still trying to figure out what has happened to people’s values and self respect.

After all the years I have wasted on the wrong people and each has come with its own lessons.

Mr cheater,Mr player,Mr friend zone you, Mr I say all the right things never back them up, Mr abuser. This has taught me so much about people and their lack of respect and character as person, it has also taught me one thing to love your self, take your self on dates, do things you love to do you don’t need a man to live a great life but it would be nice share life with one but never settle.

Dating apps like picking weeds out of garden I wish I was joking and no offence to anyone this is my blog remember, no I don’t want to sleep with you on the first date,if you say things back it up with actions,dick pics ain’t going get you brownie points. Honestly crazy stuff but you got laugh and keep been true to your self.

I’m convinced my knight and shiny armour riding a god dam turtle 🐢🐢, for now I’ll keep living my life and healing and working on me.

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