“The devil is awake”

The devil is no longer stirring, he has awoken and unleashed his menace through my body.

My poor tummy is swollen and sore, and completely blocked up and causing lots of bowel issues, to be fair I put up with alot through my journey of been chroniclly ill this has to be the most uncomfortable feeling.

Moving feels like im on a boat and it’s constant waved of up and down and some come with a punch.

No offence to the older generation I’m feeling 80 and I’m cracking and aching in places that are just making my life hell.

Eating is not so enjoyable and the worst part is your hungry but your tummy feels fill because of the bowel issues.

The Dr is confuzzled, what my body starts doing is misfiring and heightens all my other illness and causes more then one issue. Armed with new medication, had a round of antibiotics and now I got get the bowels moving.

Amoungst the crazy and the pain, managed to spend time with my family, saw my daughter over Easter and ended it with spa.

Wairakei terrace thermal pools
No matter how hard life gets and no matter how hard the devil plays havoc on my body he will not defeat me. As long as I'm breathing and living in the moment, takening small steps each day, been chroniclly ill will not defeat me.

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