The Favourite Part of Me..

My favourite Part about myself….Its my inner dertimination,resliant and the strength to keep going no matter how hard life gets.

Life for me has never been easy to be fair, I had learnt from a young age what it was like to survive trauma and always wanting that normal mum and dad life,house,good friends all those fuzzy family values. My dad was taken out of my life at young age, and unknown to me that I never see him again to I was 19, my mum was never there really, made sure my sister was looked after,seen physical abused and experienced as a child, had the three dad’s,step mums, this was my life.

The words strength, dertimination and been resliant is what got me through everything and in my adult life I have raised above domestic violence,been chroniclly Ill,done the solo mum for years,been homeless my list is long.

This quotes sums it up for me, I’m still standing and sharing my story and been a life coach help others find their strength.

Everything I have gone through I take the time to reflect,I take the positives and learn from the negatives. I believe everything happens for a reason it’s either a blessing or a lesson.

Everything I go through gives me more motivation to either become a better person or learn from my experiences.


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