The thingy in my neck

Few years back when my health took a real turn for the worst when i become so tired and no matter how hard i tried to eat healthy and keep active the weight was not falling off me i honestly felt like i had turned into sloth and wanted to sleep all the time. i knew this was more than my endo. The doctor ran some blood tests and i was called in and that when he explained i have in active thyroid…What is a thyroid ??? and how important is it ??? and is treatable ??? were the questions that ran through my head and little did i know that was about to tip my world upside let alone feeling like a lab rat, the medication is a trail and error and working how much hormone my body needed to reboot the thyroid so it start working again.

“The thyroid is butterfly shaped glad found in your neck and this produces hormones that are vital to the body like keeping you warm, brain,heart and muscles and organs working. The only treatment is to replacement thyroxine given in a form of a tablet”

Seems a simple fix take a tablet and regular blood tests to ensure the tablet is working im receiving the right dose, three plus years mine has the done complete opposite to what it was suppose to do and this has become one of the biggest struggles i face each day,my levels as of Jan mine were 38.94 be interesting see what my new blood results say.Currently my heart has a murmur that has been picked up, swelling in my arms and legs, decreased in eating and the good ole Hypothyroidism is big fancy name i hear it alot from the doctor and i started at 50mg of thyroxine and the highest i been is 250mg and in last few weeks been on 150mg to see if this would make a difference this has been a battle for three plus years knowing that normal levels are meant to be TSH 0.27-4.2 and im still no closer to having the right levels every day i battle thru the no energy, just getting dressed put my heart into spin and then im left breathless and dont get me starting on the number twos. I had to leave my job and alot of my goals are been put on hold, i loved my job one that i greatly missed it is a big motivation for me to continue to fight, the hardest thing im finding is not sure what to do with all this time on my hands i never been forced to rest and basically reset my self hense the reason i started this blog not only help me but i learnt that people need to be educated.and aware about this condition for people they look at me and never think im actually sick and im not chunky because i eat to much or i dont exercise or im making up excuses to get out of social events this crap right here has left me lonely, struggling have relationships with kids and partner, i have lost friends and family along the way, its one of the hardest things i been through i have multiple things wrong me so they all have effect on me in some way.

Before you Judge stop and think??? if you have friends or family that have invisible illness learn about it and show empathy and compassion and offer to help.

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