The Unknown

The uneasy feeling in your tummy,
Change is scary it’s like walking in unknown forest following a, path goes from dark and  mysterious the painful parts along the way then all of sudden your standing in a feild of grass, flowers everywhere, the smells are new, butterflies fluttering around a sense of calm, that uneasy feeling because this all new.

Lying on the warm crunchy grass, with the sun above, a slight breeze, I close my eyes and just breath, wind the mind down just for a minute, listening to the insects,the birds chirping just take in these new  surroundings.
Processing my thoughts and thinking, is everything going to be ok now, I have the most amazing partner but felt so alone this week,what’s next for me life has been challenging  and it has tested every bit of my strength, it’s time to reconnect, build amazing relationships with the people that matter.

I take a deep breath in and exhale, open my eyes and sit up, take in the beauty, the sounds, the colours and take a mental picture.
When I’m having a moment of doubt and confusion it’s that image I’ll be thinking of my place of calm, a place to process my thoughts and wind the mind down.

Bexs jamieson-Life Coach

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