Time to heal

I have had everything testing me in the last few weeks, and its a clear reminder that looking after self is so important, I have spent 5 years loving the wrong person and its been a huge wake up for me to see how much i did for a man that only cared about himself and was so easily to throw insults and constantly tear me down to i had nothing left in me to give and it became normal to put up with it, and i had the biggest fear that know would except me as i live with chronic pain and illness.

I have a cup in this cup is my energy and time and its so precious to me as i have a grandson, children and so many things i want to acheive in my life, why give it to someone who wants to destroy me in so many ways.

Heres a word that sticks we me Narcissist and its a word that decribes my last relationship and if your in one of these relationships im telling you from advice get out now you are way more worthy then that crap.

Been in relationship with someone is a narcisstic is draining to say the least, sense of ego, put themselves first, lack of empathy and can lead to to abuse.

These are signs to look out for and they are so important

  • They are charmers in the early stages
  • They always want a compliment or taking over conversations
  • Gas lighting
  • Lack of empathy

“The scars you cant see are the hardest to heal”

Im a survivor of Abuse i have been mentally, emotionally and physically abused, im like a butterfly trapped in a cage for years and finally been let free. Im 40 years old and what i thought was love and what i was condition to has left me with countless self doubting, lack of confidence and questioned everything i was doing, i have been called fat, attention seeker, im usless, lazy the list is endless, and i allowed this for so long but i am strong and i will heal from this, i have not a put time on this instead i wil share my story and continue to grow, and never let anyone treat me this way again, i deserve to be happy and to be loved.

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