“Today there’s sunshine in my soul”

Day 4

Good Weather

Prompt for the day

Appreciate the days when you feel good simply because the weather is so beautiful.

Have you wondered how much the weather can affect us and make us feel happier, it something we probley dont even think about, one thing i have i have found is been chronically ill is the weather and temperature has a huge effect on my body and the crap thing is it heightens everything, in New Zealand we are going into winter and my body already having a shit about it, super grateful i have a fire and warm clothes.

Great weather is a blessing and showing gratitude, when you realise how important it is in our lives and the postitive effects it has, despite the the fact winter is super hard for me and i turn into some sort of slug and much to my family disgust they probley sick of hear me moaning while they chill in trackies and a t shirt.

Im grateful for the sunny days they send me to desinations that i have not explored, i can enjoy my morning milo, my body does not hurt as much, beach days feeling the sand between my toes and the sound of waves crashing, bush walks.

Im grateful for the colder days and nights, there is something about winter nothing beats a fire, hot soups and electric blankets, the ground turns white and as you walk on the grass you can hear the crispy sounds, its time where the cows having calves and the nights are longer.

Get outside and feel the sun on your face
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