“Wednesday Madness”

How do we start this off Dear diary or something like that….. Wednesday entry goes a little something like this. Living with chronic pain and been chroniclly ill every day is different but i use humour as a coping mechanism and its a bloody good tool i must say so yeap i swear like anything and laugh at my self alot and always doing random things or saying random things, i swear people think im a little crazy.

Waking up on wednesday with the stupid ole darth vader mask since i do some random breathing things in my sleep so yeah apparently its ment to help but man its a god dam pain in my face quite literally. Do some stretches and do a body scan this is my way of working out where my body and pain is and basically seeing how good ill function today,  before anybody says anything i dont do breakfast i dont eat till at least one in the afternoon i fast and no its not for loosing weight it helps me do wonderful things like burning fat all those crazy things that try not make me look like a dumpling, any way back to my story i look over the partner snoring his head off and looking all attractive and shit no not really butt hangin out you get the picture. I haul my ass out of bed and into the shower and this like a workout in its own self, then the ole makeup up on to make the face look pretty cover up the wrinkles just the typical things on a serious note its more to make me feel good and as i dont feel so great on the inside.

Next stop my favourite part of the day a yoga classs this is great way to get the body moving, the mind to rest and to let the daily stresses of life go, yoga has been so good for my healing journal.

Wednesday means work for me and a day thats full of conversation and laughs which is something my client finds hard but also loves the company as most of her days are in bed and in silence, i love listening to her stories, it always amazes me how talented she is, seeing her antiques its the cool part of my job. After work its a trip to the stupid market this is where the ole body is shutting down and the tired is kicking in but im on a mission for ingredients for tea and a few goodies for my son whos 16 today, i actually have a dislike to shopping and a way to many people and i always end up broke.

Dinner at friends whipped up butter chicken had a good ole yarn then home time for this mumma bear. Glass of beer and movie with my favourite human and call it a day, new beginnings comes with stresses and in short a totally mind fuck and then add that the body decides its not happy with the heat and throws a tanty that leaves me grumpy and sweaty and in need of my fan but no my son has stolen it and after much needed cool down once i go the fan back may i add that was not easy task i must say.

Thats my wednesday done and dusted and this mumma bear is signing out, lets see what Thursday has in store for me.

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