Wednesday topic-mindfulness

Along my own journey I have learnt this amazing word and the meaning behind it, “mindfulness” by adding this into my life, doing activities around this I have learnt something that’s pretty powerful and that’s the ability to actually stop and take in my surroundings and to be present in the moment without distraction and giving that moment the full attention.

I’m learning to Appreciate my relationship with my own thoughts and feelings,paying attention, making improvement on my wellbeing,been less stressed and anxious. The sense of calm and thinking clearer and just allowing the mind to stop for a moment.

Practice mindfulness

When you start practicing mindfulness your creating a space for our selves a place to think, breath and a space for our reactions and ourselves. Practicing mindfulness is allowing your self a space,time and do it daily.

  • Find a place to sit a place that feels calm and quite.
  • Give your self a time limit start small and work your way up.
  • Find your position that’s comfortable for you to sit in.
  • Notice your body make sure your comfortable.
  • Feel your breath and follow that breath in and out.
  • Notice your mind paying attention when it wanders off and refocusing to your breath.
  • Be kind to your mind that wanders off

This is why I love yoga and some more classes in, learning to listen to my body and allow the mind to rest.

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