“Wee bump”

Healing is not easy, don’t get me wrong there is so much postitive, but there are days that dam right hard.

For me personally it’s navigating through my triggers and learning how to deal with them and enriching my self with lots of learning that allows me to heal and grow into the women I want to be.

I don’t have as many as I use to but when one does happen and it’s bad one, my response is to hide and numb the pain and I automatically go into flight fight mode. I need space and I’m trying to fight the demons and control my feelings, emotions and my illnesses. The difference from old me to new me is how I respond and react.

Bad day

A bad day for me after a major trigger looks a bit like this for me… my body completely shuts down, the eyes are heavy, the mind is wandering, every bit of me is in pain, the chest is rattling and I feel like a zombie and nothing makes sense. No matter how awful I feel I manage the smallest tasks and practice affirmations, blog anything for me to reset the mind and just allow the body to rest. I seek.quitness and time to just process and reflect, I know I’ll be fine this is only bump in my journey its how I move forward that matters, hold the feelings, hold the emotion, hold the hurt but only for wee while and set it free.

Hold on to the memories and experiences to get me through the darkness, hold my toolkit of everything I have learnt to navigate out of the darkness.

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