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Todays world technology is every where you cant seem to get away from it, its become a way to communicate, stay connected, work, studying the list is endless.

There are so many apps you can get these days weather is work related or personal, children need apps to do school work on. Facebook, snapchat, instagram, pintrest again the list is endless.

We living in a world where everything is online and we constantly exposed to the media and whats happening in the world, people have become quite fake as they can be anything they want online, the way we work has changed and we seeing more and more buisness going online, the constant need for attention and trying to compete with others, people have forgtton to have real conversations and real connections, children these days also forgtton to be kids.

As you see there are many reasons why a digital detox can have and its benefits, putting your phone down or other devices helps you enjoy your self with out the constant interferance, has your ph or other devices beccome quite excessive and adding stress. Are your realtionships that you have in life feeling a bit tense or a bit neglected ?, then we can spill into addiction or overuse this can lead to behavioural issues that can effect physical. social and psychological problems.

Digital detox: what does it mean? 

Time to take that break from the phone and any other devices, its time to disconnect from the crazy online worls and just stop, take a moment without any distractions.

Social media detox: what is it?

A social media detox, like a digital detox, but its taking a break from all social apps, weather thats couple hours or a full day.

The Benefits of Taking a Break from Technology

A digital detox is a great way to discover whether technology is preventing you from living your best life. Its time to unplug and get back to basics, relationships have a deeper meaning, better communication and just having a moment not tobe caught up in the media, the unkind world that we living at, gives us time to reflect and just enjoy life with out the distraction

  • Focus improves: With frequent beeps and pop-up notifications, you easily get distracted. During a digital detox, you may notice that you pay more attention to your surroundings and that your brain can focus better on your tasks.
  • Information overload can cause stress for some people. By reducing your consumption and doing something else, you will feel more relaxed.
  • Better social interactions: By removing digital distractions, you have more opportunities to pay attention to those around you and take intrest in what they doing, build stronger relationships, have meaniful converations.
  • Been more in control: Have you ever felt the need to constantly check your phone or surf social media? By breaking up with digital media or devices, you can overcome compulsive use.

I challange you like i challange my self to unplug and take a moment to enjoy life and your surroundings around you.



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