Weekly Topic – Longest living population in the world

Im pretty sure there is no such thing as the fountain off instead i think it all comes down to peoples environments, nutrition, relationships and keeping things simple.

Armed with my research skills im wanting to find out where theses people are living and what are they doing to be the longest living populations.

Blue Zones

What on earth is blue zone its basically ares of the world where pople live the longest and reaching the age of 100 the average person about 77 years of age. There is another another peice to add to this and this about how healthy these people are and according to research these people living in the blue zones are much less likley to suffer from chronic illness.

There are five blue zones and they are located:

  • Sardinia, Itlay- Men are the worldest longest lived
  • Okinawa, Japan – Women are the worlds longest lived
  • Lorna Linda, California – Community of seven day adventist out lives the average american
  • Ikaria, Greece – Little tiny island community and they have reduced the rate of common illness
  • Nicoya, Costa Rica – People are more likley to reach 90 years of age

With research and study that been done on these blue zones these are the things they have found

  • Using movement daily
  • Having a sense of purpose
  • Prioritizing stress relief
  • eating till about 80% percent full
  • Plant based diet
  • Drinking alcohol in moderation
  • connecting with the community
  • Putting family first regardless weather its blood or not
  • Support systems that support healthy options

Lets take a look into at Okinawa, Japan

Okinawa, Japan

What is there seceret ?? This island is the southern end of Japan and is called the “island of longevity’  was the land of immortals at one time in history. The people of Okinawans have less cancer, heart diseaase and dementia then America, the women out live any other women on this planet.

  • They have this cool social network call “Moai” it a circle of lifelong friends that supports people well into their older years of life.
  • A strong sense of purpose in life they call it “ikigai”
  • They have established a lifestyle and there environment to live long healthy lives
  • They are big on plant based diet they eat lot of stirfys, sweet potatoes, tofu as examples
  • They grow gardens and this also gives them the physical activity of exercising the body and movement
  • They eat a diet rich in soy like tofu, miso soup
  • They enjoy the sunshine and been exposed to the sunlight, this has a postitive effect on the bones and healthier bodies
  • Not only do they do gardening to promote exercise and movement they are big on walking
  • Planting a medical garden, mugwort, turmeric and ginger are three main staples.
  • Okinawans have hardship tempered attitudes, they leave their past there and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

What were the key things we could take away from this, for me it would be:

Going back to the basics in a place like Okinawa there looks to be like no technogoly and the pressures from the world, they just living simple and have amazing connections with people through their commuinty, growing their vegies and have a medical garden, the sense of purpose and regardless of age they keep moving weather its walking, gardening.

What we can take away from this, is we need to go back to basics and live simple, get back outside and take in the sun and the surroundings, tap into our community and most importantly find our purpose of life.




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