What Kermit the Frog would say about a Bad Day!!

Hi ho kermit the frog here…………

Now i have your attention and the help of kermit the frog lets talk

My bad day adventures...

  • The head feels likes in a blender and its some shit head is pressing the pulse button.
  • The toliet needs to be close in case of a sudden explosion
  • I droped the frying pan and started crying
  • Im been the moodest bitch today, im like a snapping turtle
  • I left my eftpos card at home had to use my sons
  • Tried to start the car with the wrong key

These types of days happen alot and i could easily pull a blanket over my head and stay in bed and be grumpy as my daughter says ‘are you bit salty there’ , I have fibro flares that can put me in a state which flows on to having a bad day or just as simple as shit day, i have created ways to over come a bad day.

My 5 tips get through a bad day.

  • Laugh im been serious i learnt a sense of humour is needed and im quite happy to laugh at my self, no need to be grumpy
  • Have a moment where you just crank up the music , bit of tragic karoke
  • Find one postitive regardless of how bad the day is
  • Surround your self with family, maybe friend could be phone call,video call,coffee date or watching a movie
  • Eat,Drink and rest you got to nourish the body,hydrate the body and allow the body to rest

As its one of my tips and its must for me is to find that postitve through my crappy day.

My postive for the day

I left home just after lunch heading to my daughters place for a coiuple days and had my son coming along with the road trip, we have not had many moments where its just been us, as he has hit the teen years mum is not so cool to hang out with it, we were chatting and jamming out in the car the terriable karakoe, the weird looks from other drivers jamming to old school 90s this is included my son singing britney spears-baby one more time it was you had to be there moment, to my daughter and i trying to figure out tick toc again the son jumps in to save the day,to finish the night with a homemade burger and writing my blog to watching trashy married at first sight, my daughter is 18 and my son is 14 they love to hate each other i go in to say night they both in the same bed seperate blankets watching tv, its a rare moment of sibling love and bonding.

Homemade burgers made from love

My favourite song to crank loud to a bad day


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