What’s on the menu…

Food something I never took serious or even really looked into the benefits of food, been chronically sick I literally had to re learn about food and take things serious about what I’m eating and what can I eat and what do I need to take out of my diet so I can have more good days.

I have chronic gastritis this is where my stomach is red and has loss it’s lining and at times inflamed this also causes me have silent reflux so what I eat will effect my tummy, also my bowels are irritated by most things, so far I have not gluten for few years now, I don’t drink coffee anymore or things that have caffeine in it,recently it’s red meat and highly processed foods, I honestly thought my meals would look and taste pretty crappy instead it has taught me is going back to the basics and making a effort to make my meals. I love the fact I’m cleaning eating and trying new foods and most of all having fun and trust me I spat in the sink few times and asked my self what the hell is that.

Spinach, mushrooms,halloumi,tomatoe,

Lunch today it’s simple full of good stuff, little bit of butter,salt,pepper,garlic lightly cook. I’m going to share some of the benefits of these simple foods that I used today and what they can do for your body and how you could you bring them into meals.


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