Where it all begin

I have had endometriosis since 2003 and honestly im super grateful that i had two beautiful girls back then i no so many people that struggle to have a child let alone children. Endo is my Freddy and he is my nightmare….. Every month is different for me some days are just worst then others, i have days where my bed is my best friend just like Mr electric blanket or a wheat pack and half a pile of pain medications get me through get me through the day.I never thought endo would effect every part of my life i had failed relationships they were not prepared for the mood changes, the bad days let alone how much intimacy can be effected so inside of supporting me it led to me raising my children on my own and doing all i can to not let this stop me from building my career and giving them the best life i could, i also did not think that i would i loose family and friends as well so it become a lonely journey and i learnt very quickly that i had try to manage this the best way i could. I had days where i have cried, wanted it to end the pain for one day and i had days where i just hid my self away from the world because no one told me that it would have some embarrassing moments along the way like bleeding through clothes, constant nausea and looking like im pregnant all the time that is when i learnt how to laugh through the bad days and create my own sense of humour. Since i was diagnosed i had a few surgery’s this is key hole and they remove or burn the endo off, had many examinations they were not comfortable its like been stabbed with a knife they are necessary i guess, had mirena iud put in to stop the bleeding and try to help with the moods etc and i made the decision to have my tubes tied as having a another baby was to much for body. So there is wee insight to one of my illness as i said this was only the beginning of what was about to come…

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