“Writing your story”

You’re the one who is writing your story

Life is a wonderful mystery that we must solve. Just as our dreams choose our hearts to live in and our lives to bless, we choose how to respond to our circumstances, and those choices make our stories uniquely our own.

This is where you come in. You’re the perfect dreamer of your dreams. You are loved, you are wise, and you are capable. In every chapter of your life, you are the hero who will figure out how you will shape your destiny. Determine to make informed choices, and resolve to take responsibility for your future.

There are beautiful surprises and gifts of wonder waiting for you. Believe the best for yourself. Trust that you will find constructive solutions to any problems you encounter. Listen and respond accordingly as you embrace your extraordinary life

Keep on believing. Your story is a masterpiece unfolding..

Donna Fargo

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